Space Ship

Over the summer Holidays I’ve set myself the task of creating a structure which I could adapt and show the interior as well. Advertisements

Educational Game Video

Educational game created at Priestley College, working in groups of four we each designed and created a level. I was assigned level one, of four, to create. This level starts off in town where Little Red walks through collecting apple.


Here is my final environment. This compilation of videos shows the most important areas within my environment. With the keyword for my environment being ‘Underworld’ I thought that I would depict both primary visions of it, one a cold wasteland and the other a fiery hell.

Dwelling Concepts

Before starting the dwelling project I began recording primary and secondary images. These images would be used to help influence my designs. The first three drawings are initial designs, these deigns would help form the next stage which is my developed drawings. Development drawing require more detail and a small analysis of each feature, this analysis…